Friday, November 19, 2010

What's the deal with boys?

Ok so off hand I have no clue what I am going to write about but when I was younger in school I would have timed writing to write whatever comes to my mind.... Sooooooo Time me baby

What is the world coming to? 

I'm so sick of guys and their points of view. I know many of my blogs are about men but I can't help it their a part of my everyday life & EVERYDAY they do something stupid or uncalled for! It drives me CRAZY! So the last few days that certain someone has been building up quite the fairy tale saying they love me, they want me in their life, they cant be without me and so on and so on. NOW I have been through this I'm definitely not an expert but I walked down this street soooooo many times that I can skip backwards with my eyes closed. 
SMH! lol. 

I didn't fall for the fairy tale THANK GOD but when I finally add him on FB he has a ton of girls saying they love him and him saying it back. How's that for an I LOVE YOU more like an  "Eye Lie To You." That's why I say LADIESSS STAY SINGLE! I hope when Mr. Right comes along I don't walk right past him. -_-

On a better note:

Last week I saw the Season Finale of Weeds, my ultimate favorite show. Despite all the crap she goes through I really would love to be Nancy Botwin. Seriously! If you haven't already seen the show, get to it. Netflix has all the seasons I believe. 

Thought for the day: "If I am guilty I will pay" -Bob Marley

Advice for the day: Kick drama's ass, you don't need it in your life =D

Peace & Harmony

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