Monday, November 29, 2010

Time flies. Do you feel brand-new yet?

I love beginning my blogs saying, "Wow I haven't wrote in here in awhile."  I think it's cool because time goes by so fast. Sometimes I stop and think what has happened in the last 5 year period. So many things, you could use a friend to remind you!

Well,  "Wow I haven't wrote in here in awhile." LOL. Figured it was appropriate. I am in class right now @ Everest Institute. I'm so excited I finish school in March 2011. Once again TIME FLIES and hardwork pays off. March of 11 I will be a licensed Medical Administrator, ahh what a great title!

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving! I cooked my first meal on my own. Of course there was the Turkey where my daughter's grandmother seasoned nice and juicy with spices and a whole lot of butter and I definitely added my sparks in it as well. The rest I cooked. I made Shrimp Scampi, Arroz con gandules, Pink Potato Salad, a Vegetable and Bean Cheese Dip w/ Tostitos on the side, Chicken Stuffing and Turkey, Turkey, Turkey! Of course we had the Cranberry Sauce and DESSERT! Pecan Pie was our little snack. We said what we were appreciative for and ate our hearts content!

On Men:
They say what they want at the moment; not exactly want they want long term. It's not their fault it's actually a bonus! It lets us woman decide what we want at the moment and long term to see whether or not we want to walk the same path. It leaves us a step ahead. The way it should generally be! =) Oh, and ladies the reason I wrote this is because they might make you believe they want that long term but in reality it's what they want at the moment on the spot. So think before you leap!

On Children:
Don't give in to the Bobo, Binky, Tete or PACIFIER. What ever you want to call it! Rather don't do it to yourself even more than the effect it has on your child's speech, teeth and more. They become so needy. I finally got Ethan off of this BOBO and his father slipped up. Tonight will be a long tearful night BUT I have to take it away. (sad but reassuring face).

On People:
Let them have their opinions and nodd. You have your opinions too and even though your not sure who's will be right or wrong, it's your life or your art book and there's room for editing.

Peace & Harmony,


  1. mmm you talking about turkey again is making me hungry. i agree on the men. they dont know what forever is.

  2. Thanks for showing my blog love tiffany, your the only one who comments! that's true support! I love it & i love you! Hope your good. Text me! <3