Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Wow, so I haven't wrote in a few days been super busy getting myself together physically & emotionally. We all need a break sometimes. :D 

Today I have a little advice for everyone in general but mainly for my ladies.

Guys nowadays aren't exactly looking for commitments, if you ladies haven't noticed. Yes it's nice to be steady with one guy and if your a mother have a "family" but there's a time & place for everyone. Take this time to focus on yourself. Do your nails, do your hair, listen to music, take a walk in the park, sing, dance, the list is endless. 

Believe me when your not looking that special someone will arrive. 

Do things that make you happy. Prioritize your life. Clean that pile of junk you keep pushing under your bed or do something productive. Continuing in a relationship that has to do with lying, cheating and all that crap is not good for your mental health it just makes us look older and hate men more and more. Step in a man's shoes for a minute. Give to him what he gives to you and keep it moving. It really is that simple. Don't make your situation harder than it already is and definitely don't feed into the bull. We were born alone and sadly, we'll die alone. Be a woman and stand your ground! <3

Peace & Harmony

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