Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Car Auto Repair Tips, Check it Out!

Ok guys HERE IT GOES! I found a topic! This Tip is for those of you who drive or are planning to look into cars:

So there's this website I was checking out, it's called
I found it very helpful when figuring out what is going on with your car. Having knowledge on what you are driving is always smart. Knowing parts of your car and how to take care of it's parts definitely comes in handy. Repair pal also has a car encyclopedia to familiarize yourself with parts of the car such as the head gasket which you can check out here:

While browsing this site, I also learned a few things. There is some talk about local areas and locations and some of the busiest places. The City of the Angels also known as Los Angeles is one of the busiest cities out there. With a whopping population of 3.8 million people, imagine how many cars and imagine the pollution do to vehicle emissions! It's crazy. You can read a little more on this article at

A good thing about is that you can also select a car and find out reviews from other car owners about that particular car. You can find out reviews, problem reports and questions and answers. Here's an example of reviews on a 2001 honda civic:

Hope you enjoyed the Tip! Check it Out & remember everyday we learn something new to gain experience and further our knowledge. Go for the goal!

Peace & Harmony

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