Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hollow's Eve

Rise & Shineeee FOLKS! Happy Halloween! Ahh, mornings are sooo pleasant with 2 kids.. Diaper 1 then Diaper 2.. Feed Kid 1 then Feed Kid 2.. Dress Kid 1 then Redress Kid 2.. LOL.. Always excitement. Today Olivia & Ethan will be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. This morning enjoyed a great breakfast at Denny's with my cousin Raysa Estevez ate like fat pigs! Off to South Beach a little later heading to Club B.E.D to see Jim Jones.. I'll give you guys a review on the club later tonight. Have a blessed day & don't eat too much candy! 

Peace & Harmony


  1. I wanna go to BED! I'm so jealousss. have fun you guys! Kiss the kids for me please <3